United Nations Vesak Day 2015: Buddhism and World Crisis

The United Nations Vesak Day (UNDV) is to hold international conference entitled “Buddhism and World Crisis” from the 28th to 30th May 2015 to commemorate international Vesak day. The conference will be held at UN Conference Center Bangkok and  Mahachulalongkorn Rajavidyalaya University. It is a leading center of Buddhist Education, integrating Buddhism with modern science … Read more

Help Nepal: Contact Nepal Buddhist Students’ Association of Sri Lanka

Despite diplomatic arrangements to help Nepal, many other civil society groups and public institutions have initiated wide array of small, but important campaigns to support victims of Nepal earthquake. Nepal Buddhist Students Association in Sri Lanka (NBSASL) is one of the organizations, leading a such initiative. NBSASL seeks contributions in kind, and cash. Buddhist International … Read more

Controversial International Conference of Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka – Media Accuse: University Rejects

Media Accuse: University Rejects Media reported Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka avoided hoisting Buddhist flag, while evading certain other important aspects that symbolize Buddhist identity during the inauguration ceremony of the recent international conference on ‘Religious Tolerance and Harmony’. The conference held during 22nd and 23rd of April. It was organized by the department of religious … Read more

Monks sue Myanmar minister: Why cannot in Sri Lanka?

According to the Reuters, Buddhist monks have prepared a lawsuit against Myanmar’s interior minister, accusing police of using poisonous chemicals to break up a protest. We, the Buddhist International observed and highly concerned about increasing trend of using unsuitable measures, often called as ‘use of minimum power’ to disperse protests lead by Buddhist monks. Most … Read more

Lasting solution for constitutional crisis: Sri Lanka must have a Constitution based on Buddhist principles & values

By Shenali D Waduge Democracy and democratic systems cannot be based on a history conveniently interpreted to be read from Doctrine of Discovery onwards denying the civilizational histories and indigenous governing and legal systems that prevailed. Thus, the Buddhist foundation that powered governance and rule throughout Sri Lanka for over 2300 years cannot be brushed … Read more