Gender equality Syndrome – Why is the Pope always a male?

By Shenali D Waduge Foreign governments need issues to send foot soldiers and need slogans to draw natives. These slogans are always initiated by Western Christian nations, their organizations and promoted through their media. Gender equality is a lucrative venture enabling setting up of NGOs, plenty of opportunities to tabulate research, channelling unquestionable funding and giving opportunity to amass public … Read more

Buddhist Women’s Day

  Dekanduwala Bhikkuni Training Institute and Buddhist International (BI) collectively organize a special event to celebrate the historical importance of Binara (September) full-moon day for the Buddhist world. History takes us back to India where the birth of Shakyamuni Thathagatha Gawthama Buddha took place and with time the flourishing of Buddhism across the globe eventually … Read more

BI Coordinates a Social Welfare Program in Kanthale

Buddhist International successfully coordinated a massive social welfare program in Kanthale. It was a donation from a group of Buddhist professionals working abroad, lead by Mr. Malinda Wijekoon, and Mrs. Hiranthi Punchihewa from Australia and, Mrs. Chathurika Manjari, Mr. Sajeew Baddage from few other countries. The donation was made for 100 school children selected from … Read more

Awareness Raising for Bhikkhunis on the Importance of Indigenous Foods and Ayurveda

The Buddhist International recently organized an awareness raising program for Bhikkhunis, on the importance of indigenous food and Ayurveda. It was conducted by the medical experts of the Department of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka. More than twenty five Bhikkhunis of Dekanduwala Bhikkhuni Training Center, Horana, attended the program. The attempt was highly appreciated by the participants. Appreciating the event, the incumbent … Read more

IABS Conference 2017 in Toronto

International Association of Buddhist Studies has announced its XVIIIth congress to be held in Toronto, Canada. The conference will take place during the period between 20th to 25th August 2017. In 2014, IABS held its previous conference in Austria. For more details please visit.

Buddhist International Meets Maha Nayaka Theros

Yesterday, the 22nd, representatives of Buddhist International met Maha Nayaka Theros and called on their interference in the process of forthcoming constitutional reforms, and also to exhort the government to retract the Theravada Bhikku *Kathikāwath* Bill with all due respect. BI representatives have met most venerable Galagama Attadassi maha nayaka thero of the Asgiriya chapter of Siyam maha nikaya (sect), … Read more

“Withdraw the bill to control the conduct of bhikkus” Buddhist Organizations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan government has presented a bill titled “Theravadi Bhikku Kathikawath (Registration)” seeking the approval of Parliament to bring laws and regulations to control the conduct of bhikkhus and to punish those who fail to comply the new laws. It has been presented by Chief Government Whip and Parliament Reforms and Mass Media Minister Gayantha … Read more

Dharma Voices for Animals – Colombo Chapter inaugurated with call for creation of a caring and compassionate society in Sri Lanka

By Shenali D. Waduge Bob Isaacson is an American human rights lawyer. He spent much of his professional life in defending and saving two legged people from the death penalty. For over 25 years he had been a vegetarian and vegan for more than eleven (11) years and then he came across the teachings of the … Read more