Buddhist International view on UNDV 2017 Colombo

Despite the fact that intellectuals, organizations and activists have become mere, inactive spectators of so-called UNDV 2017 Colombo celebrations, we the Buddhist International could at least organize a press conference in Colombo, to unveil certain bitter truths about it. Buddhist International strongly believes the present nature of UNDV is yet another showboat gathering, instead of … Read more

Gender equality Syndrome – Why is the Pope always a male?

By Shenali D Waduge Foreign governments need issues to send foot soldiers and need slogans to draw natives. These slogans are always initiated by Western Christian nations, their organizations and promoted through their media. Gender equality is a lucrative venture enabling setting up of NGOs, plenty of opportunities to tabulate research, channelling unquestionable funding and giving opportunity to amass public … Read more

BI welcomes cabinet decision to build Buddhist monastery in Nepal and urges to do more on spreading Theravada

Buddhist International welcomes Sri Lankan government’s decision to build a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. According to Sri Lankan media, the cabinet has approved a proposal made to build a Buddhist monastery and a Hindu monastery. It is further learnt, the decision had been taken following a report sent by the Sri Lankan Embassy of Nepal, … Read more

Monks sue Myanmar minister: Why cannot in Sri Lanka?

According to the Reuters, Buddhist monks have prepared a lawsuit against Myanmar’s interior minister, accusing police of using poisonous chemicals to break up a protest. We, the Buddhist International observed and highly concerned about increasing trend of using unsuitable measures, often called as ‘use of minimum power’ to disperse protests lead by Buddhist monks. Most … Read more

Lasting solution for constitutional crisis: Sri Lanka must have a Constitution based on Buddhist principles & values

By Shenali D Waduge Democracy and democratic systems cannot be based on a history conveniently interpreted to be read from Doctrine of Discovery onwards denying the civilizational histories and indigenous governing and legal systems that prevailed. Thus, the Buddhist foundation that powered governance and rule throughout Sri Lanka for over 2300 years cannot be brushed … Read more