Engage in research to stabilize Buddhism

  • To carry out researches on Buddhist philosophy and subsectors such as economic, social, educational, political derivatives of Buddhist civilization and culture.
  • To formulate longer-terms and comprehensive global research agenda to carry out critical and empirical researches in order to examine manifestations against Buddhist identities, and illegal encroachments of Buddhist heritages

Networking and responding

  • Networking of Buddhist intellectuals, academics, thinkers, and activists as well as Buddhist organizations and institutions worldwide
  • Ensure collective actions and necessary responses when aforesaid individuals or entities are coming under the attacks anti-Buddhist forces, movements.
  • Intervening to protect vulnerable Buddhist heritages, archeological sites worldwide

Building individual and organizational capacities

  • Create opportunities to build working and operational relationships, experience sharing¬† between Buddhist thinkers, researches and activists, as well as entities worldwide
  • Ensure exchange of all forms of resources among the Buddhist entities and developing of both organizational and institutional capacities

In order to achieve the above, Buddhist International attempts to implement its programs, i.e. conferences/symposiums, research, educational and reawakening programs, publications, experience sharing events, press conferences, campaigns, exhibitions, but not limited to. BI will implement its activities worldwide, but remain to be based in Sri Lanka. In order to achieve global coverage in terms of operations, Buddhist International will be working with wide array of suitable stakeholders consisting of partner agencies, individuals, as well as beneficiaries.

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