Across the globe Buddhism faces different opportunities and threats simultaneously. Buddhism was founded and initially seen spread in the Asian region, and of late seen the Western hemisphere attracted to the teachings of Lord Buddha, especially from 18th century. In the present context, the Western world is showing interest in the spiritual as well as academic aspect of Buddhist teachings. In the meantime, Christianity and Islam is growing in the Eastern context. The issue of unethical conversion is not limited to South Asia, or the religion of Buddhism either, other Buddhist nations also affected.     Challenges faced by Buddhists in relation to global economy, neo-colonialism and changing cultural atmosphere – in the information age and capitalist global economy the cultural village has had to face numerous challenge at macro and micro levels. The Buddhist societies are to compete with the power of the Western-bloc nations and its expansionist policies worldwide, and also with the Muslim incursions suddenly spreading across their Buddhist ethos affecting the Buddhist space, culture, religion including national policy making.

According to historical, present and future perspectives, the existential fears of Buddhism is one that has become a major concern for all Buddhists around the world in the face of capitalist expansionism and military intervention and occupation of nations. These ground realities have awoken indigenous natives signaling a Buddhist reawakening across Buddhist society no different to the time when Anagarika Dharmapala, Dr. Ambedkar and similar personalities came forward. It is high time to experiment new approaches to combat the new challenges ahead. The constitutional and social frameworks existing in Buddhist nations as well as Non-Governmental and Civil Society movements are seen active in varying degrees protecting the issues faced by Buddhist.  But a well informed, coordinated, collective movement is required with alternate methods to successfully face these challenges.

Buddhist International (BI) is a Sri Lankan, small initiative. BI, However, as an International Network of Buddhist Scholars and Institutions, will broadly dedicate to perpetuate and save Buddhist societies and heritages worldwide, seek collective actions and reactions to encounter threats against Buddhist institutions, scholars and individuals, and also to share information, accumulate knowledge, and integrate resources to achieve its common objectives as a network of individuals, and institutions.

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