We Stand in Solidarity with Myanmar – Buddhist International

Myanmar has taken centre-stage of world news. The issue of Rohingyas is nothing that mainstream media or diplomatic demarches can solve. It has a history and the version of the Myanmar Government and people cannot be ignored. Central to the issue is the fact that among the Rohingya populace are groups of armed militants which next questions who is arming, training and funding them & why. In this context, it is the right of a sovereign government to protect the territorial integrity of its country and safeguard the lives of its people. Mainstream media are guilty of giving only one-sided propaganda in favor of the Rohingyas completely ignoring the attacks by these armed groups upon unarmed civilian Myanmar Buddhists & Hindus living in the Rakhine area. There have been occasions of media manufacturing news, disseminating fake images & photos of crimes committed in other countries but laying blame on Myanmar. Footage of Rohingyas burning their huts and attacking Buddhists & Hindus have been kept under wraps and out of public domain.

Sri Lanka is a majority-Buddhist country that shares long-standing historical ties with Myanmar from the days of our ancient Kings. We stand in solidarity with Myanmar as we know too well the effects and impact of terrorism having suffered for 30 long years. We see similarities in how the terrorists are plucking people from the Rohingya populace and turning them into terrorists as becoming a terrorist provides a relief to their poverty. The Vanni Tamils in Sri Lanka were used by LTTE to create child soldiers and used as hostages and human shields. We empathize with these Rohingyas who are caught between and suffering collateral damage. This is why, it is imperative that the so-called international community must eliminate the armed groups & their leaders and the entities providing material support, if they truly want to help the Rohingyas.

As for the current refugee crisis, Rohingyas being Muslims and with over 50 majority Muslim countries who are rich and have the ability to look after their own, should be tasked to take these Rohingyas and give them refuge in the majority Muslim countries where they practice the same religion, follow same culture and rituals. If there are foreign Western countries assisting these Bengali terrorists it is they who should give refuge to the Rohingya civilians who are caught between the terrorists and a government defending its territory. We condemn the manner that innocent people are being used in the larger game of geopolitics where powerful nations are using terrorists and the suffering populace to gain political advantage and interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign nations violating the UN Charter