Join with BI for a small renovation at Dekanduwala Bikkhuni Training Center

Dekanduwala Bhikkhuni Training Center is one of the few, but largest such centers for Bhikkhunis in Sri Lanka. It is an abode for more than 40 local and foreign Bhikkhunis who stay there for education and meditation. This premises is extended over a land extent of 20 acres, covered with natural vegetation.

There are about 40 boards, containing some significant extractions of Buddha’s teaching have been displayed in different places in the center, mainly wayside of the footpaths within.¬† However, by now, most of these boards, made out of tin sheets and planks, have been fully or considerably decayed. These are required to be reworked with more durable raw material. Buddhist International kindly seeks your assistance for this task. For more information please contact Mr. Sandaruwan. +94 77 606 3065