Special International Buddhist Convention in Colombo

Buddhist International and Dekanduwala Bhikkuni Training Center of Sri Lanka, jointly organized special Buddhist convention in Colombo on the 18th September 2016. Purpose of this event was to emphasize the historical importance of full moon day of September, on which the Bhikkuni dispensation was inaugurated. It is noteworthy that before more than 2000 years to the non-Buddhist world started to talk about women’s liberation, Shakyamuni Thathagatha Gauthama Buddha set a precedent by establishing Bhikkuni ordination, during times when women had absolutely little rights.
According to the history, when Shakyamuni Thathagatha Gauthama Buddha declared it was not time for females to ordain,  Prajapathi gothami led a procession from Kimbulwathpura to Wishalamahanuwara to constructively convince Buddha of the importance. It was on full moon day of September that the successful effort bore fruit creating a historical event an outcome of women with blood drenched legs having walked miles to plead for their cause. It shows women’s movements for rights has a longer history and goes back to over 2000 years during Buddha’s time.
More than 200 Bhikkunis attended the event on the 18th in Colombo, with Buddhist nuns from China, Canada, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand. The event war organized with the patronage of most Venerable Kirama Wimalajothi Thero, the director of Buddhist Cultural Center, Colombo. According to BI sources, the proposal which was presented to the convention at the end, will be submitted to all relevant governments and international organizations.
Pictures: Chethiya Chathushka