Buddhist Women’s Day


Dekanduwala Bhikkuni Training Institute and Buddhist International (BI)
collectively organize a special event to celebrate the historical
importance of Binara (September) full-moon day for the Buddhist world.

History takes us back to India where the birth of Shakyamuni Thathagatha
Gawthama Buddha took place and with time the flourishing of Buddhism across
the globe eventually led to the dawn of the Bhikkuni female priesthood
order started by Prajapathi Gothami.
That special event took place on the Binara Full Moon poya day by ordaining
to priesthood the Shakya and Koliya castes. Wives of 500 princes had their
heads shaved to be ordained. When Shakyamuni Thathagatha Gawthama Buddha
declared it was not time for females to attain priesthood Prajapathi
gothami led a procession from Kimbulwathpura to Wishalamahanuwara to
constructively convince Shakyamuni Thathagatha Gawthama Buddha of the
importance. It was on this Binara full moon poya that the successful effort
bore fruit creating a historical event an outcome of women with blood
drenched legs having walked miles to plead for their cause.

In this backdrop, both the Dekanduwala Bhikkuni Training Institute and BI
together appeal from all responsible parties to declare Binara Full Moon
Poya day as the “International Buddhist Women’s Day”. You all are cordially
invited for this event which will take place on the 18th of September, from
2.30 pm onward at Shri Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi Mandira, Thummulla, Colombo.