Monks sue Myanmar minister: Why cannot in Sri Lanka?

According to the Reuters, Buddhist monks have prepared a lawsuit against Myanmar’s interior minister, accusing police of using poisonous chemicals to break up a protest.
We, the Buddhist International observed and highly concerned about increasing trend of using unsuitable measures, often called as ‘use of minimum power’ to disperse protests lead by Buddhist monks. Most recent was the Kuragala incident; in which police used water cannons to disperse ‘Sinhala Ravaya’ protesters at Kuragala sacred site in Balangoda, early this month. According to the police spokesperson, they have targeted 20 Buddhist monks and a group of laymen carrying a Buddha statue.

Early this year, a group of Buddhist monks representing Sinhale Jathika Peramuna also faced different harassments while they were attempting to enter in to the premises of most sacred temple of tooth, Kandy Sri Lanka, in order to commemorate the 200 years of signing a historical political document between Sri Lanka and so-called British crown. Similarly, early last year, members of Sinhala Ravaya organization were attacked by police, when they were protesting against former Prime Minister Mr. D.M. Jayarathna, on his comments against the a leading Buddhist monk and several other religious leaders on largest heroin racket in the Asia. During two later incidents, some of the monks sustained injuries.

Buddhist International, under no circumstances wants to compromise the law and order of Sri Lanka and allied legislative and constitutional provisions. But we urge all the responsible authorities to be careful when they counter, interrogate, or taking any other legal actions against Buddhist monks. At the same time, we equally emphasis the leaders of the organizations of Buddhist monks not to hesitate to take legal actions promptly, against the responsible agencies, irrespective of their position.